Mother and daughter, reconnecting over a death in the family.
Lovers, separated by tragedy.
And yet at the end we have a happy end. It’s brilliant.
Small town writer Terry Kyle Morris is proud of his emotionally scaring, 147-page long screenplay. After all, he poured his heart and soul into it. Full of hope, his agent Max manages to sell the script to Hollywood and Terry quickly moves to California to fulfill his dream. Once there, however, things take a darker turn.

Everyone at Hollywood Pictures seems to be completely mad. Jamie, the director, wants to turn Terry’s emotional “Season of Longing” into “The Craving”: A horror movie filled with zombies and hot chicks. His assistant, Janine, is equally insane and mean. Then there is Tori, the studio’s script polisher, who gets paid enormous amounts of money for coming up with crazy ideas that fit neither the script, nor in this world. Finally, there’s Tasha Lee, famous for being famous, the “actress” only has a brain so that her head doesn’t cave in. A zombie would starve!

As the changes to his script get even more serious, Terry not only loses hope and his nerves, but also his sanity. Can he save his movie before it becomes the next horror blockbuster?


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