07/07/2017 EDG Potsdam 1Comment

Thank you dear audience for making this year’s play so successful. We’ve had an incredible amount of fun performing for you, we’re gonne have a little (BIG) party now. Tonight’s performance marks the end of the season and we’re going into our summer break. Thank you again and see you next season!

20/05/2017 EDG Potsdam

Hello, hello! We’ve created a whole new website for you 🙂  Feel free to click around a bit, and check out the play we’re performing this year: >> The Craving << You can also book tickets online NOW – must be paid in cash at the entrance on the day of the performance. Enjoy and also visit us on Facebook!  

20/05/2017 EDG Potsdam

  You might’ve noticed our teaser poster on campus already. Soon, you’ll be able to check out our fantastic main poster, but for now check out the teaser for 2017!  

19/05/2017 EDG Potsdam

Some of you might've already seen these beauties on campus – it's starting 🎭🎊🎉

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14/05/2017 EDG Potsdam

We are hard at work preparing some exiting news to be released in the next days 🙂 #EDGamPalais #EDG2017

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09/05/2017 EDG Potsdam

A full weekend of rehearsals is always quite exhausting. #EDGamPalais #Probenimpressionen #EDG2017[Watch this space next week – we might have some announcements 😉 ]

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01/05/2017 EDG Potsdam

Because of the bank holiday, the curtain stays closed today, but we'll be back rehearsing this weekend.

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23/04/2017 EDG Potsdam

Work it. #Probenimpressionen#EDGamPalais#EDG2017

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16/04/2017 EDG Potsdam

Happy Easter from the EDG Bunnies 🙂

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